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The Big "O"
6 yr old, 16.1, Gelding
Percheron Cross

(will increase with training)

Omega is a 16.1,  2015 Percheron / Thoroughbred / Morgan cross.  He has hunted 3 seasons with the Moore County Hounds in Southern Pines, NC.

Omega has the looks and the temperament for an amateur or even beginner fox hunter.  He patiently stands at checks (always with ears forward) listening for our huntsman and the hounds.  He is brave to the fences and never refuses.  He is happy to hack out alone or in a group.  He stands for the farrier & dentist, stands patiently in cross ties, ground ties while being washed and loads comically easily.  

Omega has hunted all three flights.  While he is solid in first flight, his draft cross makes him better him better suited for second flight.  Not too forward yet definitely not a kick ride.  He will try his best every time and take amazing care of his rider. 

He is lovely with the hounds and is never spooked by deer, squirrels, or whatever natural surprises he might encounter.  (However, he might snort at a orange traffic cone!) 

His personality makes him a barn favorite with adults and children.  Given his once in a lifetime temperament a 5 star home is a must. 


Price: $35,000

Lease (June 23 - June 24) - $10,000 (not inclusive of vet, insurance, shoeing) 

Note: Omega is currently in full training.  Price will increase with more training.  


946 Sheldon Rd, Southern Pines, NC 28387, USA

Thank you for your interest in Omega. We will be in touch soon!

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